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Danika's Coen Trip 2008
From the 7th of April till the 14th, the 5 of us (Tony, Ting, Jah, Debbie and I) started from Mareeba and headed up to Wujal Wujal. We stayed out at Shiptons flat and had good fellowship.

The next day we went to Hopevale and stayed with Eric and his family. It was good to encourage a family of Christ who hasn't had much Godly influence for a while.

From there we went to Coen and stayed with Graham and Charmaine. We had church the night we got there and we did the music and shared testimonies, then Tony gave the message.

The next day we went swimming and I saw a rope, I checked the depth of the water and thought I could swing out past the shallow bit, but I didn't. One leg went into the deep and the other hit the shallow and snapped my knee. I was in pain, I couldn't breathe or move but I prayed. Then Jah came and prayed too. After we prayed God healed me and my knee went back into place.

The night meeting with the youth went well; we did skits, songs, testimonies and shared a message. Out of that, we encouraged more youth to come to church. We also ran a kids thing in the daytime and it was good to see the kids praising God.

Friday we headed up to Aurukun and did a meeting. Debbie and I also shared testimonies. At the time it didn't look like we had made much of an impact but the next morning Linda and Kevin told us that people had asked when we were coming back and that one lady cried through Debbie's testimony. We were thankful to God for what he did in Aurukun.

Back at Coen we had a meeting at one of the local's house. We saw the Lord really work there. We heard testimonies from the believers in Coen which spoke to the locals who didn't know God yet. Sunday morning we had church and God was really knocking on hearts that morning. 4 people that I know of came to the Lord. I felt privileged to be apart of what God is doing up in the Cape.

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