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Carl and Gail Musch founded Indigenous Ministry Links Australia (IMLA), a non-denominational networking of aboriginal ministries that is supported by a multi-cultural core team. Carl, himself of English Convict, Austrian and Apache ( Native American) decent, has since 1987 been committed to evangelism, discipleship, ministry development, and church planting, among Australian Aboriginal people, with proven fruit in what is recognised as a difficult field. Their ministry is distinguished by a commitment to those in the greatest need and isolation, a respect for both the dignity and capability of indigenous people, and faith in "The God of the Breakthrough." Gail, previously ministering with "Students for Christ" in Japan, joined Carl in January 1994.

With their two children ( family photo left) -- Hope (born 18/04/95) and Joy (born 11/11/97) -- they have partnered with local Indigenous believers across both remote and more urban Aboriginal communities -- though primarily in the Cape York and Arnhem Land regions of Northern Australia, involving thousands of kilometres and many hours and days of 4WD travel "off the blacktop."

In recent years Carl, recognised by many as an Apostle in this field being sought for his simple, believer-empowering ministry insights. God's Spirit has led Carl to address the need for labourers to meet the vast untouched opportunities for effective ministry, that exists among the First Australians. He has committed to help train, facilitate and mentor both indigenous and European Cross-cultural Ministries (missionaries) in Australia , Papua New Guinea, and North America, with a particular vision to see Native Americans and other indigenous people become Missionaries sent to the Australian Outback and the "Regions Beyond."

They serve indigenous people and ministries without regard for denominational barriers and desire to serve in partnership with the broader body of Christ in this endeavour.

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